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What is Janam Kundali

A horoscope/janampatri is a basic tool for making astrological forecasts. To cast your horoscope, your exact time, place, and date of birth is required for astronomical calculations. With free horoscope, you will get your free Ascendant, Moon sign and Nakshatra predictions.

How to Make Janam Kundali

We offer highly specialized hastrekha services for our customers. We believe that like people no two palms are alike. They show unique characteristics and express the individuality of the person. Our palm reading offer advices regarding comprehensive aspects and help our customers understand their selves better. Our customers appreciate our services and have benefited with them. Hast Rekha commonly known as Palmistry. Palmistry as an exact science has not developed in India to the extent it has in Europe and America. This is mainly due to the fact that its exponents here, Brahmin priest, do not keep abreast of modern research and adhere to antiquated rules and techniques. Standard works in Palmistry are in great numbers – by famous palmists, ancient and modern – are available. Indian system appears to be in a better position to interpret many complex and baffling aspects than any other system in the world. Astrologer Dr Mithlesh Pandey practicing Hst Rekha since last 10 years with many happy clients. You can know about your future with Pandit ji’s hasth rekha knowledge and also can get to know about your past too. Astrologer Dr Mithlesh Pandey also provide Hasth Rekha Dosh Nivran Services. He is well verged in Palmistry science and having vast experience in it.

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